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What to Expect

This NCMHCE Prep Workshop is designed to prepare test takers for the National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination. This workshop includes an overview of the NCMHCE, helpful tips, and the practical application of an effective test taking strategy. The objective of this workshop is to clear up confusion and misconceptions, increase your confidence, and give you useful tools you can begin applying to your studies right away.

  • Identifying the most critical information in a case (while ignoring the distracting stuff that steers test takers in the wrong direction!)

  • Learning how to prioritize treatment goals and evaluate treatment outcomes

  • Determining which assessments are most relevant given a particular set of symptoms

  • Applying appropriate techniques and interventions

  • Identifying areas of functional impairment

  • Making an informed and accurate diagnosis, including clusters and unspecified disorders

  • Becoming familiar with ethics and documentation

  • Managing test anxiety

  • Completing practice scenarios together

The Workshop

Enjoy access for 90 days